Michelle came into Project Mask LA on the ground floor and played a key role in establishing the infrastructure of the organization. Her role has evolved from identifying team leads, developing the teams, and organizing the body of work to ensuring team communication, logistical problem-solving, and promotion of PMLA.

Project Director

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Communications Director

Betty “Faye” Doumas-Toto, came to Project Mask LA soon after its inception. A community organizer with a focus on Medicare for All advocacy, she felt helping to mask people in vulnerable communities a natural fit. She enables the tri-weekly meetings and facilitates communications for the Stitchers to keep them safe and happy.



Logistics Director

Nicholas joined Project Mask LA early on as the deliveries coordinator and has helped developed the system of logistics for moving masks and materials. He continues to learn new skills in the process of building his respective portion of the infrastructure. He’s proud to be such an important part of this much needed mutual aid effort.



 Sewing Operations Director

Janelle demonstrated organizational skills while standing up a socially distant mask-sewing assembly line. This evolved to developing and implementing mask sewing kits
including pre-cut fabric and all materials to stitch a mask from beginning to end. Building a sense of community from afar with Project Mask LA is her favorite part!


Creative Director

Using his skills as a graphic designer, website developer and filmmaker to good measure, Jeremy has taken Project Mask LA to new creative heights. His artistic approach is shaped by years of frontline activism and grassroots mutual aid work ranging all over the country. He uses art to shine a light on injustice and uplift vulnerable communities.



Social Media Director

Jenny Lynn AKA Steady Jenny, is a grassroots activist, photojournalist, cinematographer, & social media consultant for a plethora of local organizations, nonprofits, progressive candidates, & NGO's. She has given her lifeforce for something greater than herself her whole life & did not hesitate to join Project Mask LA when the need arrived.

Volunteer Logistics Coordinator

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Lead Stitcher/Logistics Coordinator

Svetlana first came to Project Mask LA as a volunteer stitcher, sewing in her studio in response to the need to protect her family, friends and community. Her role has evolved from sewing masks to on-boarding new volunteers, implementing the PMLA mask kits, materials coordination and logistical problem solving.



Laundry Logistics Coordinator

Michelle has a history of activism and mutual aid and was excited to join the Project Mask LA team to support the work of fellow activists in the crucial mission of getting masks into the hands of people who need them most. She would prefer for you to think of her as "laundering things" because it sounds edgier than doing laundry.



Anitra has been dedicated to helping Project Mask LA with admin & communications to stitchers & volunteers to help get them what they need. She comes from a background of volunteering and working in the health, education and community organizing fields for greater health, peace and justice for all.

Volunteer Logistics Coordinator



In addition to being an advocate and an organizer in her community, Mía believes giving back is one of the greatest gifts in life, doing so fills her with a true sense of purpose and accomplishment. She joined Project Mask LA as a launderer and driver, and eager to contribute more to the project, she was elevated to Materials Coordinator.

Materials Coordinator



Lead Stitcher/Sewing Support

Jeremy showed up to Project Mask LA equipped with 10 years of sewing experience, and eagerly made himself available to the mask makers for guidance and support. After working for years behind the machine, he's enthusiastic about passing along his expertise while connecting the dots between the stitchers and the logistics team. 



Lead Stitcher/Logistics Admin

After studying Costume Design at SCAD, Corey worked for a few years in theater and TV creating costumes. She Came to LA in 2013 to be closer to her family and continue the pursuit of costume creation. When not sewing masks for Project Mask LA she works for a prominent fashion and costume stylist and loves it.  



Communications Admin

Lauren has been involved with the Los Angeles Grassroots Progressive Movement since Bernie Sanders' 2016 run for President. She has been on the ground ever since. When the need arose to 'Mask LA', it was a natural extension of Bernie's agenda to bring community back to the forefront, prioritizing the most vulnerable and most at risk. 



Strategic Advisor

Organizing with Mutual Aid LA from the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis in the US, Mia knew the mask shortage was the weakest link in their carefully-designed sanitation procedures for delivering groceries and supplies to vulnerable populations. She was happy to help jumpstart PMLA and continues to support its growth.



Chrys is a small business owner and a passionate advocate for Medicare for All. She has been running her custom packaging brokerage firm called Topper Packaging, LLC for 5 years. She applies her skills and experience as a business owner to manage the funds for Project Mask LA and making sure all of our volunteers get reimbursed. 



Meet The Team

Grassroots-powered volunteer superheroes.
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Blaire recently joined Project Mask LA and is thrilled to volunteer with the team. She supports team communications and logistics and has organized and collected donated supplies, as well as helped run our tri-weekly organizing meetings and staffing our hub location in Mid-City LA.

Logistics Admin